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Drone work can also be accompanied by ground filming or photography if wanted, just say so in your enquiry.


Please see below the form for information on the safety and legal side of droning.

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Safety and regulations

In the UK you must have permission to fly drones commercially from the CAA, this is achieved by completing several theory and practical exams. Josh has been granted permission to fly commercially in the UK, His unique CAA ID is: 8961


  • The maximum height for flying is 120m (400ft)

  • The maximum distance from the Remote Pilot is 500m

  • The aircraft must be flown in line of sight of the operator at all times.

  • There are additional rules for congested areas and events with over 1,000 people

  • The owner of the land being used for the take-off and landing point must give permission.

Drone process

1. Discuss logistics and clients proposal

2. Risk assessment and permissions to fly

3. Site survey prior to the flight, normally done in the morning of the flight.

4. Check the weather the week before and a few days before to make sure the flight will be able to go ahead

5. Weather permitting flight goes ahead. Or rescheduled if conditions are not right. (too windy or wet)

6. Post-production